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Wireless Speakers: How to Set Up

There are a two types of connections for wireless speakers; RCA Jack and Headphone Jack (See the bottom of this page for illustrations). The adapters necessary to complete these connections are included with most wireless speakers systems.

For TV with Cable/Satellite/DVR Box.

If your TV is connected to a cable or satellite box:

1. Turn on the TV and the Cable/Satellite/DVR box.
2. Turn the volume of your TV to a moderate level.
3. Connect the female end of the RCA Cable (red & white cable) to your Transmitter.
4. Connect the two male ends of the RCA Cable to the RCA Jack (Red & White Audio Out) on your Cable/Satellite/DVR box. Then plug the transmitter power adapter into a wall outlet or surge protector; or operate it on batteries if applicable.
5. Plug in each speaker into any 110V AC (standard wall outlet) or surge protector and follow the owners manual instructions for tuning and volume control. Most wireless speakers can run on batteries as well as AC power, but they typically will drain the batteries in 5-10 hours of continuous play.
6. Remove batteries while the speakers are plugged into an electrical outlet. This will cause the batteries to leak and and damage the speakers.
8. DO NOT leave batteries in AC/DC powered speakers for extended periods of time.
9. Some speakers have a left, right and mono channel. Use the left and right for two speaker stereo set up. Use the mono setting if you are using 1 speaker in a room or 1 speaker in several rooms.

If your TV is NOT connected to a Cable/Satellite/DVR Box, you will need to plug the transmitter directly into the RCA jack on your TV. Sometimes this will require a signal booster. We recommend "Boostaroo" portable amplifier. This item typically costs about $25.

For Stereo & Home Theater, CD / DVD Players

If you have an RCA jack available on your receiver, use the same instructions as for TV without regard to the cable/satellite box. If you do not have an RCA Jack, then use the headphone jack. Your wired speakers will not work once you plug the headphone adapter into the headphone jack.

Turn the volume all the way up. The signal of your transmitter will work off volume when using the headphone jack. Now you can regulate the volume from high to low. Higher volume will keep the signal strong. Now regulate the volume directly from your speaker volume control.

For Desktop Computer, Laptop, Notebook, iPod, MP3 Player

Follow the same instructions as using a headphone jack.
If your speakers are 100% battery operated, please follow the instruction manual that comes with your speakers.


Outdoor wireless speakers are weather-resistant but not waterproof unless specifically specified as such. Outdoor speakers should be unplugged in wet conditions and run only on batteries if waterproof. They should be placed indoors during extreme heat or cold, rain and snow, unless specified as waterproof or extreme temperature resistant.

Wireless speakers are so easy to set up, that for many people it takes longer to unpack them from the box than it does to set them up and enjoy the music.

Wireless speakers are great for:

  • People who have difficulty hearing, love to place the wireless speakers nearby while they are watching TV sound.
  • People who want to hear Music or TV throughout their home place wireless speaker(s)in multiple rooms.
  • People who want to enjoy music outside; deck, patio, yard, pool or even hot tub, love to place their wireless speakers outdoors.

  • There are endless applications for indoor / outdoor wireless speakers. Their versatility and portability make them an important part of almost any home.

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    Wireless Speakers: How to Set Up

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